Osprey Backpacks Review: Ozone 75 vs Fairview Wheels 36

fairview 36 wheels vs ozone 75 in osprey backpacks review

Get help with choosing your perfect backpack on wheels in this Osprey backpacks review.   How do you roll luggage-wise? Finding a backpack that is durable, comfortable and keeps your stuff dry and safe is one of the holy grails of travel. It is also a big investment and making the right choice can be […]

30 Insanely Useful Travel Gifts That Travellers Will Actually Want in 2021

presents wrpped in brown paper and red string

Are you looking for a useful travel gift for someone who travels a lot? Maybe for the favourite traveller in your life? Or perhaps you’re looking to treat yourself? Travellers can be a tricky group of people for whom to buy presents. They are not a homogenous bunch. Also, by necessity, most of them travel […]

Farewell to Tickbox Tourism? How Coronavirus Will Change Travel

world globe covered in face mask and coronavirus particles

Does coronavirus herald the demise of tickbox tourism?   Prior to March 2020, travel was easy, relatively cheap and often throwaway. Increased disposable income and a booming low-cost aviation sector had made the world more accessible than ever, fuelling mass expansion of the travel market. Destinations like Amsterdam, Florence and Barcelona were buckling under the […]

8 Valuable Lessons Learned From Travelling in a Time of Coronavirus


Updated  post: 04/11/20 | November 2020 Even as a seasoned traveller it’s never too late to learn valuable travel lessons as a recent trip to Japan demonstrated   Each travel experience is different. There is the utterly awesome, ‘I never want to leave this place’ experience. The flip side is the ‘get me out of […]