Solo Travel in Portugal and Spain: 10 Unmissable Places to Visit

coast of algarve portugal with deep blue sea and rocks and beach

Iberia is one of the best places in Europe for those travelling alone and especially for female solo travellers. Start planning your next adventure with these ten awesome destinations for solo travel in Spain and Portugal. The Iberian countries of Spain and Portugal share a peninsula, climate and common history and are popular travel destinations, […]

How To Spend A Week in Tenerife, Canary Islands in 2021: A Perfect Itinerary

Panoramic view of La Orotava which is one item on a tenerife itinerary

Look beyond the beach resorts and let this one-week Tenerife itinerary help you experience the best of this beautiful Canary Island   Most of us arrive at our travel destination weighed down by the baggage of our expectations, good or bad. Don’t we? I’m no different. Prior to setting off for a week in Tenerife, […]

10 Best Things to do in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (in 2021)

sign for puerto de la cruz tenerife

Are you planning to visit Tenerife? If so, head to the north of the island and check out these ten best things to do in Puerto de la Cruz   It was towards the end of my main course that the performance started. Julian, the eponymous proprietor of the bodega, began a plaintive solo, strumming […]

Exploring Tenerife by Bus: TITSA Buses Made Easy in 2021

TITSA bus in Tenerife

Do you want to see Tenerife without a car? No problem. Exploring Tenerife by bus is easy, comfortable and inexpensive. I did it for a week without any problems! Here’s all you need to know to ace public transport in Tenerife.   Planning your trip to Tenerife Getting your hands on a good guidebook to […]