2 Weeks in Malaysia: The Best Itinerary & Travel Tips (2019)


Are you planning 2 weeks in Malaysia?  If so, this guide packed with travel tips and including a 2-week Malaysia itinerary will help you put together the perfect trip. Before I visited Malaysia as a solo traveller, I had zero expectations of the country. But I discovered a criminally underrated place that offers a diversity […]

Why Travelling Alone In Your 50s Rocks!

I can pinpoint at least one time when I felt like the oldest traveller in town. Waiting to board a ferry in Malaysia, the still, humid air was filled with the animated conversation of a group of young backpackers. Bursting with the optimism of new friendships and travel adventures yet to come, they simultaneously chatted […]

How To Spend 4 Days in Buenos Aires, Argentina: The Ultimate Guide


I’m going to level with you. Four days in Buenos Aires are not enough. This is a sprawling city, covering 78 square miles and made up of 48 neighbourhoods, or barrios. To do Buenos Aires justice, you would need to spend at least five to seven days there. But what should you do if your […]

A War Walk in Dubrovnik: A Scarred Beauty


Dubrovnik wears her scars with dignity. This extravagantly gorgeous Croatian city of light and stone, perched beside the sapphire waters of the Adriatic, is instantly beguiling. But look closer and its beautifully restored medieval streets tell a more sombre story. We met Milka – “just call me ‘chocolate’” – by the Onofrio fountain in Dubrovnik’s old […]