Each of us has our own travel style. What’s yours?

Do you consider yourself to be a dyed-in-the-wool backpacker, is it five-star hotels all the way or perhaps somewhere between the two? A flashpacker maybe? To a certain extent, your style of travel depends on your experience and financial circumstance, but it can also speak volumes about what you value whilst travelling.

Take this fun quiz to discover your travel style. Just select one response for each question. Ready?  Let’s go!

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How do you do your laundry when travelling?

1. Over the sink with a bar of soap
2. Find a local laundry
3. Use the hotel's laundry service
4. Laundry whilst travelling? I'd buy some new clothes

How long do you usually travel for?

1. Between one and 20 days
2. Between three and six weeks
3. More than 6 weeks

What do you book before leaving home?

1. Just the return flight
2. The return flight and the first night's accommodation
3. The majority of accommodation and transport but leave some room for flexibility
4. Absolutely everything!

When you are travelling, what are you likely to get up to on a free day?

1. Wine-tasting
2. Treating yourself to a luxury spa treatment
3. Zip-lining
4. Taking a cookery class

What is the best way to travel to see the sites when travelling?

1. Take a taxi
2. Using public transport
3. Walking
4. By rental car

What's your typical daily budget when travelling?

1. $50 - 100
2. $101 - 300
3. Over $300

What's your dining style whilst travelling?

1. Cooking up a storm in the hostel's kitchen
2. Tasty street food
3. Interesting looking local restaurants
4. Fashionable gourmet restaurants

What type of luggage do you carry?

1. A backpack
2. A wheeled backpack or suitcase
3. A nice set of designer luggage

All 8 questions completed!

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Take the quiz!

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